Is this part of the official Biden campaign?
  • No, we are a completely private initiative. This is not a solicitation by Joe Biden for President.
How are you supporting Biden?
  • We are spreading the word and giving all proceeds to VoteVets.org, a 501(c)(4) whose mission aligns with Joe Biden's ideas and policies. 
What does "all proceeds" mean exactly?
  • 100% of net profit after tax.
Where does the coffee come from?
  • Bixby, high quality roasters based in LA. The coffee is organic and fair trade.
How does “steeped coffee” work?
  • Like tea bags: you soak them, adjusting the time in accordance with your taste. The bags are nitro sealed to maintain freshness, and exude a delightful coffee aroma when opened!
Is the packaging environmentally friendly?
  • Yes, as are the bags. 
Do you ship internationally?
  • Yes, but at standard shipping rates, whereas within the US it's free.
What if I want to order in bulk?
Do you have a Press Kit?